The “Bunny Bash”

Every June the Berndt Toast Gang holds it’s monthly meeting at the home of the fabulous, Bunny Hoest. Bunny Hoest and John Reiner carry on the work of her late husband, Bill. Bill Hoest created “The Lockhorns,” “Agatha Crumm,” “What A Guy,” “Laugh Parade and Howard Huge (both in Parade magazine),” “Bumper Snickers,” and untold numbers of gag cartoons. Bunny’s daughter, Sharon Bowers, and I collaborated on “Hunny Bunny’s Short Tale,” one-minute bedtime stories for kids (which was syndicated by King Features in the mid to late nineties and was one of the first panel cartoons delivered electronically).

The June meeting has become “The Bunny Bash” and is a high point in the professional cartoonists calendar. Cartoonists come from all over the US and occasionally, internationally, to join in the fun. Mort Drucker (MAD magazine), George Booth (the New Yorker), Stan Goldberg (Archie), Arnie Levin (the New Yorker), Sam Gross (the New Yorker), Mort Gerberg (the New Yorker), Howard Beckerman (animator, teacher, author), Don Orehek (gag cartoonist), Joe Giella (Mary Worth, Batman) and Sam Viviano (MAD magazine) are just a few of the cartoonists you’ll find sitting in the sun and enjoying the views. We usually even make the news.

Here are a few photos:

The "castle" before the crowd arrived.

Stan Goldberg, on the right, telling Aron Laikin (caricaturist, in white shirt) and Mark Mitchell (Disney) why Archie chose Veronica.

The inimitable Don Orehek!

George Booth and John Reiner discuss which sandwich to try first.

And here's "Hunny Bunny."

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