Please don’t park on the grass!

Creig Flessel's last drawing. Here he is with his great-grandson.

The Creig Flessel 100th Birthday Celebration was an overwhelming success! With the help of the Art League of Long Island, we had more than 200 people at the reception. Anyone arriving late found themselves parking on the grass. Thank you to all the members of the Berndt Toast Gang that loaned original art from Creig, brought down some of their own work and a sketch of Creig. Don Orehek sent one in all the way from Washington State! A special thank you to Sandy Kossin, Tony D’Adamo, Stan Goldberg for supporting the event. A very special thank you to Jeff Fisher, Joe Leonard, Janine Manheim, Helen Murdock-Prep, and Joe Vissichelli for demonstrating their own talents to the crowd. A a very, very special “Thank you” to Suzan Haeni for helping make it all possible and bringing along a birthday cake!


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